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Employee Volunteering (SABPP Fact Sheet)

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Employee Volunteering (SABPP Fact Sheet)

Discussion There is no doubt that the Department of Labour is serious about furthering transformation and letting employers know that the playing field has changed. Understanding and acting strategically on these changes, ensuring that they assist the organisation to meet the future strategic direction is the way to go…

What is Employee Volunteering (EV)? It has been defined as a “planned, managed effort that seeks to motivate and enable employees to effectively serve community needs through the leadership of the employer”

There are two main models. The first is that the employer or company builds the volunteering programme internally. The EV Programme will become a component of the company’s internal Corporate Social Investment (CSI) efforts. The other model is where a company links with an outside organisation which provides opportunities for employees to get involved in community initiatives. It would seem that the first model is popular with larger employers who would have full-time staff to coordinate such programmes.

The fact that EV is defined as a planned and managed effort implies that an employer official has to somehow plan and manage the programme, even if only to identify and work with the external organisation. This role is normally assigned to the Human Resources department, so it is critical that HR practitioners understand the concept and its power to make a positive difference to many factors of the employer-employee relationship and organisation performance. This Fact Sheet will give some background to Employee Volunteering, explain how it works and give case studies and practical tips to implementing best practice in Employee Volunteering.

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