updated 7:26 PM UTC, Feb 6, 2016
Understand how primary labour legislation impacts on a business SAQA ID 13952
Manage individual and team performance SAQA ID 11473
Use communication techniques effectively SAQA ID 12433
Manage a diverse work force to add value SAQA ID 252043
Build teams to achieve goals and objectives SAQA ID 252037
Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions SAQA ID 242817
Responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met SAQA ID 242821
Motivate and build a team - SAQA ID 242819
Apply leadership concepts in a work context SAQA ID 242824
Code of good practice on the employment of persons with disabilities 9 November 2015

Shannon de Ryhove speaks to political and trend analyst JP Landman in an effort to understand more about unemployment

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