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RSM South Africa: Do you have a recovery plan?
National Planning Commission on small business as spine of economic recovery and stimulation for pos
Tourism Minister hosts a media briefing on Lockdown Alert Level 3
Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane on Coronavirus COVID-19 alert level 3 tourism sector directions
Consolidated COVID-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace Issued by the Minister in term
2020 Amended Public School Calendar 11 June 2020
Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces Covid-19
COVID-19 Guidelines for Cloth Face Masks
Combined NCCC Proposal on Risk Adjusted Approach
COVID-19 Consolidated Disaster Regulations
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On this page you will find comments that people have made about our services.
The top quotations are the most recent.
This page was started on 20 March 2007.

Workinfo.com Human Resources Magazine Volume 1 Issue 12, 2007


"Good day Liz, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me so far. You were the most important link in my future, and the future looks bright!! I believe that every good thing one does for another, a good thing will surely come back to you as well. Have a great day."
                    Jakes Botha, a candidate recently placed as Operations Manager
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“Thank you very much for your quick response. …I found your service extremely professional informative and would like to build a solid relationship with you in regards IR matters.” 
                     Yolanda Daniels, Group 5Pipe, www.g5p.co.za
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"Your website is a great resource!"
                      Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D., www.LeadingNews.org

"You really have some good material on your site. It's a valuable resource for employers, managers, and HR professionals all over the world. Well done!"
                      Jay Shepherd, Shepherd Law Group, P.C., www.shepherdlawgroup.com 
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“He was quite impressed with the article and it's so encouraging to be getting spin-offs from it. This shows how an article can advertise one’s work. Thank you for the opportunity.”
                      Morongwa Makakane, Tlholego Business Consultants, www.tlholego.co.za

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Benefit? : "... I can now go to the Industry and develop an effective and operational EE plan."
                       Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop from Xstrata  

Benefit? : "... An overall understanding of EE rather than going through the books, case laws as well as EEA."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop from NBC RFI

Benefit? : "... Knowledge to be able to convince management that we need to change our strategies slightly to become compliant."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshopfrom Bayport Financial Services

Benefit? : "... The interaction and discussion with the other people to try and resolve commonly experienced problems. The big advantage of having a small group."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop from Public Investment Corporation

Benefit? : "The presenter was very informative regarding the course itself and South African LRA. It was very useful and fruitful to have such a presenter."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop from Public Investment Corporation

"... The course was worth attending.  I learned a lot and I am already trying to implement the workforce planning in my current environment.
     The facilitator was very good and patient.  He did not come across as an arrogant facilitator that you find in some of the courses. " 
                           Zandile Mkhize, Council for Geoscience, Human Resources Department

"I received ideas about how the W Planning can be implemented in the organisation.
     Good course, would recommend it to other HR professionals."
                          Participant to the Workforce and Succession Planning Workshop

"This programme has add[ed] value to my broad understanding of Work Force Planning in practical approach."
                          Participant to the Workforce and Succession Planning Workshop

"The content included the most important aspects of this subject for my present or future job activities. The course provided clear & thorough explanations whenever needed. The content was logically organised."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop

"The course included appropriate examples & real-world applications of the ideas presented."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop

"The pace of the instruction was right for me. The presenter had a natural, easy to follow presentation style. I would recommend that my company use this training again."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop

"Overall the course provided a stimulating learning experience."
                          Participant to the Employment Equity Workshop
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