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Clauses of interest in collective agreements and contracts of employment

Causes of interest in collective agreements and contracts of employment which are either unusual, creative or simply represent new ideas. Many simply represent the "new society" we now live in, and attempt to "accommodate" non traditional values or address long-standing societal issues (e.g. spousal abuse and the impact on the workplace). This list will be updated on a regular basis.


Special leave

The [Organisation] and the [Trade Union] have agreed to implement a new special leave to respond to the needs of employees victims of domestic violence. When such abuse occurs, up to five paid leave days per school year would be granted to the employee. Moreover, additional leave may be granted at the discretion of the supervisor.


The [Organisation] and the [Trade Union] have negotiated changes to the Call Back Outside Schedule clause. Henceforth, when an immediate response or action is required, employees will be compensated for the time they use internet, text messages, emails, or other electronic messaging to respond to work-related requests outside their normal working hours.


The [Organisation] and the [Trade Union] have agreed to improve the unpaid leave clause specific to the religious holidays. Employees can now benefit from unlimited time off when they request to observe their official religious holy days. Previously, this leave was limited to 3 days per year.

Abortion / Family Responsibility Leave / Bereavement Leave?

The [Organisation] and the [Trade Union]  made a new change to the bereavement leave in the event of an abortion. In fact, 5 days of leave will be granted to an employee when an abortion occurs during or after the 20th week of pregnancy.

[Editor's note: we do not support nor promote abortions and actively promote the "Right to Life"]

Employment equity


In order to build a workplace environment where diversity is valued and respected, the [Organisation] and the [Trade Union]  have negotiated a new inclusion practice. Employees, who provide a medical certificate indicating that they will require a leave of absence to undergo the medical procedures related to a physical change of gender, will be granted two months paid leave at the regular rate of pay.

Reasonable Accommodation

The [Organisation] and the [Trade Union]  have agreed to include a new accommodation to adapt the workplace to persons with disabilities. The employer will be responsible for ensuring that employees with visual impairments have access to the collective agreement in appropriate and accessible format.


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