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Video: The wild dog in your business

Video: The wild dog in your business

Running time: 13 minutes

Audience: All staff

Experience and nature has taught the wild dog that however skilled at hunting individual animals may be, success cannot be measured in the execution of a single knockdown – the battle must be won day after day after day. The African wild dog has learnt that teamwork is a pre-requisite for success and that teamwork means more than occupying a common space. As will be seen in the video, African will dogs demonstrate a quality of team behaviour that is a lesson to everyone and, through the lessons in this programme, learners will develop an understanding of the concept of limitations and vulnerability applicable to the solo player and how and why together as a team, a group can thrive and survive.

Key learning points:

> Share a common purpose for working together

> Exhibit loyalty to each other

> A good team has the right mix of skills and skill levels to meet their goals

> Accept responsibility for helping to develop and train new members of the team

> Be purposeful communicators

> Exhibit strong discipline and well co-ordinated teamwork

> Take joy in work

> Celebrate the successes and share the rewards together

# Video: The baboon in your business

Running time: 13 minutes

Audience: All staff

This programme will help learners realise that we humans need to learn how to put the important parts of life back into work. Through the cleverly woven narration and joyful, yet purposeful, antics of the Baboons, we are led to the realization that life is about balance – a time for work, a time for contemplation, a time for helping others and a time to have fun. The message is clear – we must work or we’ll starve, but when you know how to relax and enjoy each other’s company, you’ll attract a good team that will flow with positive energy, creativity, innovation, satisfaction and a sense of joy in whatever is being done.

Key learning points:

> Have fun, be positive

> Be serious, think and plan for yourself

> Help others, make their day

> Innovate; think of new ways to solve old problems

> Give recognition, people love it

> Laugh with your team, build a spirit

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