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The Two Faces of Management

# The Two Faces of Management

The Janus Factor. Sven-Erik Sjöstrand. Thomson Learning, Canada 1997.

In order to succeed, the ideal manager should combine both rational and irrational approaches to leadership.

The Two Faces of Management is the first book to include a description of both the rationalities and irrationalities of strategic management. The

author explores the duel role expected of top managers, using the metaphor of Janus, the classical double-faced god and taking the classical metaphor forward into the modern world of business. He uncovers the simultaneously rational and irrational character of successful leadership and reveals the fundamental uncertainties facing top managers:

++ Where do strategies come from?

++ Does the manager really manage the organisation?

++ Is it possible to motivate individual personalities towards a common goal?

++ Is hierarchy really just an illusion in large global organisations?

The Two Faces of Management will help the modern manager to realise his or her full potential and will add substantially to management theory and practice by revealing the many faces of strategic management.

# Five Frogs on a Log: A CEO’s Field Guide to Accelerating the Transition in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Gut Wrenching Change.

Mark L. Feldman and Michael F. Spratt. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, New York.1999.

Five Frogs on a Log offers readers an entertaining and no-nonsense field guide to the mergers and acquisitions jungle, packed with insight and instruction for executing corporate change and capturing shareholder value.

Whether you’re buying another company or acquiring a new vision of the future, this book proffers an unconventional perspective and a practical, readily accessible set of solutions to the single greatest challenge facing today’s managers: executing rapid transitions in mergers, acquisitions and gut wrenching change.

# Marketing for the Non Marketing Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century

Norton Paley. St. Lucie Press, London. 2001.

What does a marketing-driven company stand for in the Internet Age? As a non-marketing executive, why should you give any attention to the subject? How would internalising the fine points of the subject contribute to your effectiveness on the job? In the era of flat or e-business organisational structures, many executives and entrepreneurs suddenly discover they need to know more about marketing than they ever expected. If this sounds like you, Marketing for the Non-marketing Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century, is the ideal resource.

This reference gives you comprehensive yet hands-on information about marketing management and competitive strategy in the Internet Age. You will understand the various components of marketing, how they effect the entire organisation, how to communicate and develop a better rapport with marketing professionals, and, more importantly, how to actively and effectively participate in marketing decisions. Marketing for the Non marketing Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century teaches you how to think like a marketing strategist.

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