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Employment Equity Committee Training: NQF Level 4

Employment Equity Committee Training:  NQF Level 4 

 Accreditation Status

This course is accredited with the Services Seta and covers unit standard 10983 at NQF level 4 worth 5 credits.


2 Days

This workshop is presented as both a public and an in-house workshop.


This workshop is designed to help you set up and self-administer an employment equity plan. Covering the Employment Equity Act, and reviewing equity plans and diversity programmes, this extensive 2 day workshop delivers solid, practical advice to help you through the process. It carefully outlines the roles and responsibilities of the EE Committee.At the same time this workshop allows you to develop a unique employment equity strategy for your business while also ensuring that it is legally compliant.

The implementation of an employment equity programme should and can be an exciting opportunity to examine your business structures, workflow, human resource systems and staffing requirements.

Course Content·               

  • The Meaning of Equity in the workplace·               
  • The Legislative Background to Employment Equity·               
  • The Employment Equity Act and Regulations which include the new changes to the Regulations·               
  • Affirmative Action·               
  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment·               
  • The Code of Good Practice·               
  • Integrating Employment Equity into the Strategic Human Resource Policies·               
  • The Employment Equity Forum/Commitment·               
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Forum/Committee·               
  • The Employment Equity Plan·               
  • The Employment Equity Report 

Who should attend?·               

  • EE Managers·               
  • EE Committee Members·               
  • Diversity Managers·               
  • HR Managers & Practitioners·               
  • EE Coordinators & anyone who is involved or responsible for the administrative compilation of the EE Plan & Report

Training Methology

Our workshops are presented in a fun, interactive way and we also make use of short video clips, group exercises and role plays.

Learning Resources

Delegates receive comprehensive workbooks which include learning resources, templates and skills practices.

Accreditation of Delegates

If delegates wish to obtain a Certificate of Competence they will need to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (POE).  There is an additional cost for this process.  Please advise us beforehand if you wish to complete the POE.

Outcomes and Assessment Criteria


Participate in the development of relevant equity related plans and policies. 


Equity related plans and policies include but are not limited to employment equity plan, skills development plan, recruitment and selection policy, training initiatives, harassment policy, diversity initiatives. 


1. Input is based on knowledge of context and objectives of the specific plan and policy. 

2. Input is relevant, clear and unambiguous. 

3. Input contributes to effective problem resolution. 


Communicate equity related plans and policies to stakeholders. 


1. Information is accurately and clearly communicated. 

2. Feedback is obtained from constituency. 

3. Mandates are formulated and noted. 

4. Communication occurs before the next meeting. 


Participate in the implementation of agreed equity related plans and policies. 


1. Established plans and policies are correctly interpreted. 

2. The implementation plan is communicated and explained to constituency. 

3. Relevant and specific actions to implement plans and policies are undertaken. 

4. Effective two-way communication is maintained. 

5. Necessary adjustments are made to the implementation process as and when required. 


Contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of equity related plans and policies. 


1. Regular feedback is obtained from constituency. 

2. Monitoring and evaluation occurs in terms of agreed criteria. 

3. Necessary adjustments to plans and policies are recommended as and when required. 

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