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Human Resource Policies & Procedures Manual

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Workinfo.com Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual

Format: MS Word, Adobe Acrobat
Electronic Download
No. of pages: 600 pp, 120 files

This comprehensive Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual and HR Manual contains detailed pro-forma policies and procedures. Creating your Company's Human Resources Manual has never been easier.


1. Introduction 
1.1. Introduction 
1.2. Policy Request Form 
1.3. Is it time to develop or revise your employee handbook? 
1.4. Conducting a Human Resources Audit 
2. Employment Policies and Procedures 
2.1. Employment Application Form 
2.2. Conducting an Interview (Some Guidelines) 
2.3. Job Applicant Interview Script 
2.4. Applicant Rejection 
2.5. Employee Release (Consent) Form 
2.6. Educational Record Check 
2.7. Driving Record Check 
2.8. Drug Testing Consent Form 
2.9. Telephone Interview Summary Sheets 
2.10. Tracking Applicants 
2.11. Personal Reference Check 
2.12. Reference Check Control Sheet 
2.13. Employee Orientation Checklist 
2.14. Independent Contractor Checklist 
2.15. Contract of Employment (Permanent) 
2.16. Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Time 
2.17. Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Purpose 
2.18. Contract of Employment Domestic Employee 
2.19. Job Description Forms 
2.20. Exit Interview Questionnaire 
2.21. Employee Letter of Resignation 
2.22. Payroll Deduction Authorization Form 
2.23 Employee Performance Management 
2.24 Recruitment Policies and Procedures (Pro forma) 
2.24.1 Preferential Re-employment Procedure 
2.24.2 Internal Vacancy Procedures 
2.24.3 Internal Vacancy Advertisement 
2.25 Recruitment Authorisation Form 
3. Terms and Conditions of Employment 
3.1. Email and Electronic Communications Policy 
3.2. Leave Application Form 
3.3. Annual Leave Policy 
3.4. Public Holidays Policy 
3.5. Unpaid Leave 
3.6. Family Responsibility and Compassionate Leave 
3.7. Paternity Leave 
3.8. Maternity Leave 
3.9. Sick Leave Policy 
3.10. Overtime Policy and Exemptions 
3.11. Smoking Policy 
3.12. Sample Emergency Instructions (Fire Hazard) 
3.13. Sexual Harassment Policy 
3.14. Study Leave Policy 
3.15. Aids Policy 
3.16. Employee Consent to Work on Public Holidays, Night Shift, Sundays and Overtime (and Renewal Consent form) 
3.17 Employee Educational Assistance Policy (Pro Forma) 
3.18 Employee Assistance Policy 
3.19 Employee Laptop Policy 
3.20 Pro Forma Retrenchment Policies and Procedures 
3.21 Draft Restraint of Trade Agreement 
4. Human Resources Administration 
4.1 Record-Keeping 
4.2 Pro Forma Travel Policy 
5. Discipline and Dismissal 
5.1. Discussion Summary Sheets for Performance and Conduct 
5.2. Fair Decision Guides for Poor Work Performance or Misconduct Hearings 
5.3. Disciplinary Code of Conduct 
5.4. Disciplinary Policy & Procedure 
5.5. Disciplinary Forms 
5.6 Telegrammes for Absenteeism 
5.7 Managing Employee Incapacity - (Ill-health)Forms and Documents 
6. Grievance Procedures 
6.1. Grievance Policy and Procedure 
6.2. Grievance Forms 

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