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Workinfo.com Job Description Compiler

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Workinfo.com Job Description Compiler 

The Workinfo.com Job Description Compiler™ assists you in compiling comprehensive company and job specific job descriptions in a matter of minutes.

  • Legally compliant
  • Non-discriminatory
  • Task specific
  • Competency based

By subscribing you will be issued with a username and password to access http://jdc.workinfo.com and receive 12 months membership.

Workinfo.com Job Description Compiler™ is a cost effective, efficient solution that represents an effective method of defining job requirements for current and new employees. Depending on the number of job titles in your organisation, please increase the quantity purchased.


Pricing is based on number of Job descriptions, not the number of people assigned to a particular job title. Each option will entitle you to 12 months access to the Job Description Compiler.

To increase the number of job descriptions, simply enter the required number in the quantity field below. 

How does it work?

Simply choose from our library of thousands of pre defined jobs; answer relevant multiple choice questions about tasks, qualifications, physical demands, supervisory responsibilities, performance competencies, and work environment; tailor the description to your needs, and you're done!

A final job description containing the job title, job location information, detailed task list and required or preferred knowledge is produced. You can then copy it to your hard-drive for further development.

Workinfo.com Job Description Compiler 

  • Lists Occupational Groups and Categories
  • Allows users to select from pre-compiled tasks linked to job titles and occupational categories
  • Contains an extensive listing of competencies (including definitions, descriptions and indicators)
  • Includes appropriate worker abilities, interests and work styles
  • Built-in word processor lets you merge duties from multiple jobs and edit, print, and export your job descriptions.
  • Add key competencies to better define job requirements.
  • Create effective, legally appropriate job descriptions


Primary Benefits


File Storage


The Job Description Compiler™, supports an auto saving feature, allowing you to revisit a description being compiled at a later date.


Time Saving


Setting up a new job description is quick and easy, by either utilizing one of our built in templates, or by duplicating and editing a job description from an existing employee.




The Job Description Compiler™, allows users to edit and add additional task listings and competencies to those already distributed with the application.


Batch Releases


Quarterly batch releases of data containing new or revised job description templates, tasks, competencies, abilities etc will made available to all subscribers, ensuring you are kept up to date.

Client Customisation


On request, clients may specify additional data that they wish to import from their independent HR package, for example importing of employment records / custom tasks & competencies. An additional fee may be levied for this service


Centralised and Secure Database


The Job Description Compiler has moved away from the conventional desktop application, and now runs on a centralised server. This allows your organisation to utilize the application without the need of expensive servers. The JDC is run on a fully independent server, incorporating industry standard encryption to protect your organisation. Each organisation is provided with their own unique database allowing further security and reliability.


Once off purchase and set up fee


Clients will only have to pay a once off purchase and set up fee in year one of their subscription. In the second year and all subsequent years thereafter they will only be required to pay an annual license fee.


Easy upgrades and adding of additional users


Client’s may at anytime in their contract upgrade to a different version of the Workinfo.com Job Description Compiler or add additional users to their package.

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