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National and Regional Economically Active Population Profile QLFS Q3:2021
National and Regional Economically Active Population Profile QLFS Q2:2021
Consolidated Directions on Occupational Health and Safety Measures in certain workplaces as at 11 Ju
COVID19TERS Benefits as at 20 July 2021
Adjusted Level 3 Lockdown - 25 July 2021
Facilities Regulations, 2004
PoPIA Compliance: The Use and Processing of Data
Infor Becomes Founding Sponsor of The Smart Factory @ Wichita
Understanding the role of Temporary Employment Service providers in your organisation’s Health and S
Knowing the difference between Business Process Outsourcing and Temporary Employment Services may gi
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Below is a list of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in business sectors. Confronted by "business speak", professionals in one sector of business often find themselves at a loss in other sectors. The list is not exhaustive and new terms will be uploaded regularly. We invite professionals to contribute to this list in order to support a free-flowing exchange of knowledge. 


B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T U  V  W  Y  Z

A/V  Audio Visual
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
AAPDF Affirmative Action Policy Development Forum
AAR  After Action Review
ABE Affirmable Business Enterprises
ABET Adult Basic Education and Training
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AL  Accelerated Learning
ALARA  As Low As Reasonably Achievable 
ASA Advertising Standards Authority
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASTD SA American Society for Training and Development of South Africa 
ATS  Advanced Training System
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B&P  Bid and Proposal 
BBBEE Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
BCEA Basic Conditions of Employment Act
BEE Black Economic Empowerment
BEER  Behaviour, Effect, Expectation, Results (for feedback for improvement) 
BET  Behaviour, Effect, Thanks (for positive feedback) 
BPM Business Process Management
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
BST  Basic Skills Trainer 
BTW  By The Way 
BSA Business South Africa
BUSA Business Unity South Africa
BWASA Business Women's Association of South Africa
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C 100 (Roman numerals)
CAI Computer Aided Instruction
CAX Computer Assisted Exercises
CBI Computer Based Instruction
CBT Computer Based Training 
Competency Based Training
CCMA Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration 
CEE Commission for Employment Equity
CEEQ Centre for the Evaluation of Educational Qualifications
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CETA Cost Effective Training Analysis
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CM Change Management
CMI Computer Managed Instruction
COIDA Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions
CP Change Proposal
CPI Continuous Process Improvement 
CSD Corporate Social Development
CSI Corporate Social Investment
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CSS Central Statistical Services
CTC Cost to Company
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DM District Municipality
DMP Data Management Plan 
DO Dynamic Organisation
DoE Department of Education
DoL Department of Labour
DQAD Directorate: Quality Assurance Development
DR Design Review
DSM Don't Shoot Me 
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DTP Detailed Test Plan 
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EAP Employee Assistance Programmes
EBE Empowered Business Enterprise
ECC Employment Conditions Commission
ECD Early Childhood Development
ECR  Electronic Classroom 
EE Employment Equity
EEA Employment Equity Act
EEC Employment Equity Committee
EEF Employment Equity Forum
EMIS Education Management System
EMS Electronic Management Systems
EMT Executive Management Team
ENDEX End of Exercise 
EOD End Of Discussion 
EPSS Electronic Performance Support System 
EQ Emotional Quotient 
ERIC Educational Resources Information Centre 
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning 
ET Embedded Training
Evaluation Tool 
ETC Estimate To Complete 
ETD Education, Training and Development
ETQA Education and Training Quality Assurance Body
EU European Union
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FEDUSA Federation of Unions of South Africa
FET Further Education and Training
FICA Financial Intelligence Centre Act
FOJT Formal On the Job Training
FQAs Frequently Asked Questions
FRD Family Responsibility Discrimination
FRIDGE Fund for Research into Industrial Development, Growth and Equity
FTA Free Trade Agreement
FTX Field Training Exercise 
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYCP Future Years Corporate Plan 
FYI For Your Information 
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GCIS Government Communication and Information Services
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDS Growth and Development Summit
GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out 
GSSC Gauteng Shared Services Centre
GTA Graphical Training Aid 
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HDSA Historically Disadvantaged South Africans
HE Higher Education
HEQC Higher Education Quality Committee
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HPT Human Performance Technology 
HR Human Resources
HRCOSA Human Resources Council of South Africa
HRD Human Resource Development
Human Resources Development 
HRDM Human Resource Development Management
Human Resources Development Management
HRH Human Resources for Health
HRIS Human Resource Information Systems
HRM Human Resource Management
Human Resources Management
HRP Human Resources Planning
HSEC Health, Safety and Environmental Community
HUMINT Human Intelligence 
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I&D Integration and Development 
I&KP Instructor and Key Personnel 
I/O Input/Output 
IAW In Accordance With 
ICT Information and Communication Technology
ICW Interactive Courseware 
IDC Industrial Development Corporation
IDP Integrated Development Planning
IDZ Industrial Development Zone
IIP Investors in People
IIRC If I Recall Correctly
IKPT Instructor and Key Personnel Training 
ILO International Labour Organisation 
IMHO In My Humble Opinion 
IMI Interactive Multimedia Instruction 
IMS Integrated Manufacturing Strategy
INPO In No Particular Order 
IOW In Other Words 
IP Intellectual Property
IPM Institute of Personnel Management
IPT Integrated Product Team 
IQ Intelligence Quotient
IQI Integration Quality Indicator
IR Industrial Relations
IRPP Integrated Resource Planning Process
ISD Instructional System Development 
ISETT Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies
IT Information Technology
Instructional Technology 
ITP Individual Training Plan 
ITS Individual Training Standard 
Integrated Training System
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JA Job Aid 
JDC Job Description Compiler
JIPSA Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisition 
JITT Just In Time Training
JLI Joint Learning Initiative
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KA Knowledge Acquisition 
KAS Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills 
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid 
KPA Key Performance Areas
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KSA Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes
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L 50 (Roman numerals)
L.T.O. Labour Turn over
LAB Leadership Advisory Board
LED Local Economic Development
LG Lecture Guide 
LIFO Last in First out
LO Learning Objective 
LOI Letter of Intent
LRA Labour Relations Act
LRC Learning Resource Center 
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M 1000 (Roman numerals)
MAPPP Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Packaging
MAS Minimum Acceptable Standards
MD Managing Director
MEC Member of the Executive Council 
Metro Metropolitan Municipality
MINIEX Mini Exercise
MIS Management Information System
MOP Measure Of Performance 
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPA Motivation Problem Analysis
MPRDA Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act
MS Milestone
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NACTU National Council of Trade Unions
Nafcoc National African Federated Chamber of Commerce
NCA National Credit Act
NDA National Development Agency
NEDLAC National Economic Development and Labour Council
NEPAD New Partnership for African Development
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NHRD National Human Resources Development
NIPF National Industrial Policy Framework
NLRD National Learners' Records Database 
NPO Non-Profit Organisation
NQF National Qualifications Framework
NQR National Qualifications Register
NRDF National Rural Development Forum
NSA National Skills Authority
NSB National Standards Body
NSDS National Skills Development Strategy
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OAU Organisation of African Unity
OBET Out-comes-based Education and Training
OD Organisational Development
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OHSA Occupational Health and Safety Act
OJT On the Job Training
OOBE Out of Box Experience
OSH Occupational Safety and Health
OTM One Time Measure 
OTOH On The Other Hand 
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P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement
PA Performance Assessment
Personal Assistant
PDI Previously Disadvantaged Individuals
PE Practical Exercise 
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard 
PFA Pulled from the Air 
PFMA Public Finance Management Act
PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In 
PMO Project Management Office
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPM Policy and Procedures Manual 
PPP Personnel Performance Profile 
Public Private Partnership
PR Program Review 
Public Relations
PRO Public Relations Officer
PSA Proudly South African
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QA Quality Assurance
QC Quality Control 
QI Quality Improvement 
QM Quality Management 
QMS Quality Management Systems
QVT Quality Verification Test 
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R&D Research and Development
RAD Rapid Application Development 
RBM Rational Behavioural Model 
RESA Research, Evaluation, and Systems Analysis 
RFI Request For Information 
RFP Request For Proposal 
RFT Ready For Training 
ROI Return on Investment
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
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S.E.X. Synergistic Energy eXchange 
SABPP South African Board of Personnel Practice
SADC Southern African Development Community
SALGA South African Local Government Association
Sanco South African National Civic Organisation
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SARS South African Revenue Services
SAT Systems Approach to Training 
SAYC South African Youth Council
SDA Skills Development Act
SDF Skills Development Facilitator
SDLA Skills Development Levies Act
SESD Support for Education and Skills Development
SETA Sector Education and Training Authority
SGB Standards Generating Body
SGI Small Group Instruction 
SGL Small Group Leader 
SHE Safety, Health and Environment
SHEQ Safety, Health, Environment & Quality
SIM Simulator 
SIMTECH Simulation Technology 
SITD Still In The Dark 
SKA Skills, Knowledge, Attitude 
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time based (objective and goal setting)
SME Subject Matter Expert 
SMME Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SOO Statement Of Objectives 
SOW Statement Of Work 
SPEC Specification 
SQT Skills Qualification Test 
SSA Statistics South Africa


SSP Sector Skills Plan
STRAP System Training Plan 
STX Situational Training Exercise 
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T&D Training and Development
T&E Training And Evaluation
TA Transactional Analysis
Transitional Analysis
TADS Training Analysis Data Sheet 
TADSS Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations 
TBA To Be Announced 
TBD To Be Determined 
TDNS Training Development Needs Statement 
TDS Training Development Study 
TE Training Emphasis 
TEA Training Effectiveness Advocate
Training Effectiveness Analysis 
TEE Training Effectiveness Evaluation 
TEEP Training Effectiveness Evaluation Plan 
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan 
TETA Transport Education and Training Authority
TFT Technical Feasibility Test 
THETA Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education & Training Authority
THRIP Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme
TINSTAAFL There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch 
TKT Threshold Knowledge Test 
TLA Training Level Assignment 
TLO Terminal Learning Objective
TM Technical Manual 
TMO Training Material Outline 
TMP Training Management Plan 
TO Task Order 
TOIS Task Oriented Instructional System 
TOS Training Objective Statement 
TPR Trained Personnel Requirement 
TPTB The Powers That Be 
TQM Total Quality Management 
TQR Training Quality Report 
TR Training Requirement 
TRADE Training Devices 
TSA Training Situation Analysis 
TSFC Training System Functional Characteristics 
TSP Training Support Package 
TT Technical Test 
TTHSS Touch, Taste, Hear, Sight, Smell (5 Senses) 
TWI Training Within Industry 
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UIF Unemployment Insurance Fund
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
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VAK Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic 
VDT Visual Display Terminal 
VI Visual Information
VV&A Verification, Validation, and Accreditation 
VV&C Verification, Validation and Certification 
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W&SP Workforce and Succession Planning
WBI Web Based Instruction
WBPSS Web Based Performance Support System 
WBS Work Breakdown Structure 
WHO World Health Organisation
WIIFM What's In It For Me 
WISN Workload Indicators for Staffing Needs
WYSBYGI  What You See Before You Get It 
WYSIWYG  What You See Is What You Get 
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X 10 (Roman numerals)
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YAFA  Yet Another Fine Acronym 
YMMV  Your Mileage May Vary 
YOYO  You're On Your Own 
YTD  Year To Date 
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ZD  Zero Defects


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