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Workplace Aids Awareness Training Course

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Another free training programme from Workinfo.com - http://www.workinfo.com

Perhaps no disease has created as much fear and panic as has AIDS and much of that fear is the result of misinformation and misconception. Mankind has an uncanny ability to distort reality – especially when that reality is an unpalatable one. AIDS is a reality that has become an important issue in our lives and yet the recognition and action required to deal with the disease appropriately are lacking. It is imperative that all involved in decision-making and leadership have a clear and practical understanding of its potential effect on our society.

AIDS will soon become a major challenge for all in the workplace. The only way to deal rationally with the AIDS issue and to prevent the spread of fear and discrimination is for employers and employees to be adequately informed bout AIDS. Attitudes, about AIDS, and policies developed for the workplace will have a significant impact on the social and economic outcome of the epidemic, and on the workplace itself.

How will you manage AIDS in your workplace?

This programme will assist your employees in understanding the fundamentals of the disease, the expected outlook for HIV-infected persons, the way in which the disease is and is not spread, the HIV test, and the many myths and misconceptions associated with AIDS. Guidelines are provided for promoting AIDS awareness and developing appropriate AIDS policies for the workplace. It further deals with the control of other sexually transmitted diseases and the care and support of people with AIDS.

Employers, employees and union officials should find the information in this programme helpful and relevant for dealing with AIDS in the workplace. This difficult subject is dealt with in an unemotional manner and promotes a dignified and respectful approach to people both with the disease. This insightful programme makes a valuable contribution to our knowledge at a critical point in the development of the disease, and will be of great value to anyone wishing to gain further understanding of AIDS and how to manage this new challenge to our country.

Recommended Training

Two full days                          8 hours per day           1 hour lunch break

2 x 1 full day                           8 hours per day           1 hour lunch break

Four ½ days                            4 hours per day






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