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Is there a difference between a temporary employment service (TES) and a service provider for purpos
May an employer retrench when employees refuse to accept a change in conditions – Section 187(1) (c)
2019 CCMA Indaba - Day 2
2019 CCMA Indaba - Day 1
3rd Annual CCMA Shop Stewards Conference 2019 - (12 -13 September 2019) Gallagher, Midrand
Employment and Labour on tabling of Amended Employment Equity Bill
National and Regional Economically Active Population - QLFS Q2 2019
What is the difference between purpose and meaning?
Why is the focus on the human element important now?
Amendment to EEA Regulations: New format for EEA4

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Is there a difference between a temporar…

04-01-2020 Hits:214 Articles Dumisani Mavundla

Amendments to Section 198 and the insertions of sections 198A-C of the LRA came into operation on 01 January 2015. One of the most crucial impacts of these amendments is the...

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May an employer retrench when employees …

04-01-2020 Hits:210 Articles Amos Tshabalala

May an employer dismiss employees because they refuse to agree to a change to their terms and conditions of employment? An initial answer may be, “yes”. Section 187(1)(c) of the South...

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Employment and Labour on tabling of Amen…

09-10-2019 Hits:992 Articles Gary Watkins

Employment and Labour on tabling of Amended Employment Equity Bill

Following this week’s Labour Court judgement on the constitutionality of the employment equity (EE) the Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) expects the Amended Employment Equity (EE) Bill to be tabled...

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Amendment to EEA Regulations: New format…

10-08-2019 Hits:2189 Employment Equity Act Gary Watkins


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The difference between a work practice a…

15-06-2019 Hits:1581 Articles Gary Watkins

The difference between a work practice and a term and condition of employment  Typical workplace disputes originate around changing work practices, rosters etc Due to changing operational requirements businesses are often required...

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Disconnected from global trends? The rig…

15-06-2019 Hits:712 Articles ENSafrica - Lauren Salt and Siphile Hlwatika

An increase in global digitization has gradually blurred the boundaries between work and private life. This has resulted in employees using technological devices such as smartphones and tablets to remain...

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Right to disconnect

15-06-2019 Hits:1077 Articles Gary Watkins

Right to disconnect

The right to disconnect is a proposed human right regarding the ability of people to disconnect from work and primarily not to engage in work-related electronic communications such as e-mails or messages during non-work...

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Lots of young South Africans aren’t go…

15-06-2019 Hits:608 Articles Nicola Branson

Lots of young South Africans aren't going to technical colleges. What can be done Many South African students prefer universities and neglect technical colleges. EPA/Kim Ludbrook Nicola Branson, University of Cape Town Improved...

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What we learnt from young South Africans…

15-06-2019 Hits:610 Articles Leila Patel

What we learnt from young South Africans about the minimum wage and employment A man offers his services at a traffic intersection in Cape Town. Almost 55% of South African youth...

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DSD: Social Development calls on employe…

04-06-2019 Hits:1855 Articles Department of Social Development

Each day, children across South Africa come into contact with a number of people and organisations, some of which are meant to protect them. These include - amongst others – schools, school transportation...

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